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     Beijing Huadiandegao Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, is now a state-level high-tech enterprise, is a professional high-tech enterprise, focusing on the development and application of high-energy laser cladding high-temperature wear-resistant technology, technology has won a national science and technology progress second prize, provincial and ministerial science and technology progress first prize, and won three. More than 10 national invention patents.

     With the support of National 863 Program and National Science and Technology Support Program, Professor Liu Zongde, Director of Institute of New Materials and Surface Technology, North China Electric Power University, has developed a series of high temperature wear-resistant duplicates with independent intellectual property rights after nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts. Composite materials, as well as high-power semiconductor laser fabrication process, become the domestic high-temperature anti-wear industry leader!
     Beijing Huadiandegao Technology Co., Ltd. has been exploring and practicing in the fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, thermal power, chemical industry and so on. Responsible for the current forefront of domestic, the most effective solution to the wear problem of high-energy laser cladding technology in the civil field, dedicated to helping customers solve other technologies can not overcome the serious wear problem.
     Beijing Huadiandegao Technology Co., Ltd. has established a complete industrial production system, with a complete production, quality control and on-site service system. Especially combined with the boiler characteristics, it can solve the wear-resistant problem of straight tube water wall pipe maturely. According to the requirement of power plant, it can be made into tube rows, which can be replaced quickly and the stopping time can be shortened. A production line combining manipulator with laser cladding technology is developed, which successfully solves the difficult problems of bending and special-shaped parts and achieves excellent results.
     The company has set up quality control inspection department, established a complete quality control system, and passed the GB / T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 certification (laser cladding processing of power equipment components). In each process of the product, a strict quality control network is formed. Meanwhile, the quality control and inspection department has corresponding testing means, forming a strong quality supervision system. In order to guarantee the product quality of enterprises and truly embody the tenet of "quality is the life of enterprises", our principle is to "hold both ends strictly in the middle". Raw materials are the main body of product quality, and their quality is directly related to the product quality. Evaluation.
     Beijing Huadiandegao Technology Co., Ltd. has provided high temperature and wear-resistant technology for many circulating fluidized bed boilers and pulverized coal fired boilers at home and abroad. Its application effect is far superior to other domestic technologies, greatly prolonging the service life of boiler tubes and providing guarantee for the long-term stable operation of power plants.

     With qualification certificate:

Certificate of high tech enterprise



The two prize of national science and technology, the first prize in electric power science and technology and more than 30 patent certificates.


ISO9001 quality management system certification


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