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      “A solid dyke can collapse because of an ant hole in it; A large wheel can sink due to rusting.” The lifetime of equipment often depends on the working surface and critical parts. Wear and corrosion are the main reasons that affect whether a factory can maintain long-term and stable operation. Accidents that caused by wear leakage and boiler heating surface corrosion accounted for about 60% of the power plant accidents.

     To reduce wear and corrosion, a wide range of research has been carried out in China. Currently, thermal spraying, surfacing, plasma spray welding and other technologies are commonly used in the market with an advantage of construction convenience.However, there are a few down sides of the above methods, the general problems are: poor wear-resistance, poor corrosion-resistance, and fragile coating. Wear-resistant beam and wear-resistant grille are considered less complicated technically. As a result, it is very easy to install and maintain. But performing such process will lead to5% reduction of boiler efficiency, furnace temperature increment of 30 °C, and also the coating may be easily peeled off. 
     As a professional high-tech enterprise, Beijing Huadiandegao Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to help it’s customers by providing a final solution to wear and corrosion problems using it’s most advanced technologies in the market. By applying it’s patented cutting-edge technology, high-energy laser cladding process, wear and corrosion can be reduced or even eliminated depending on the working environment. This cladding process is considered to be the most effective and the best solution in current market.


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