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     Through the application practice comparison analysis, the laser cladding has the following properties on resisting wear and corrosion.
     1.High hardness: the hardness of the laser cladding coatings are up to 1200-1500HV(72-78HRC),which is far higher than thermal spraying(600-800HV),surfacing(500-650HV),and also the highest hardness of impurities in the coal(about 1000HV).
        High corrosion resistance: it is made of composite metal materials mainly composed of Hastelly alloy c-22 and has a low dilution rate, which guarantees its superior corrosion resistance.
        Laser cladding coating service life is more than 10 times the coating for thermal spraying.
     2. Metallurgical bonding: Laser cladding is used to realize the integration of the cladding layer and the substrate, the binding strength is more than 10 times the thermal spraying coating, the problem of the shedding of wear-resistant coating was eliminated.
     3. Small heat affected zone: The influence of the coating process on the substrate heat influence zone has a depth of 0.1-0.2mm, that makes the original structure and mechanical properties of the substrate stay untouched.
     4. High thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity is comparable to stainless steel, which is highly superior than other coatings. The high thermal conductivity ensures the coating to have a minimal impact on heat transfer efficiency.
     5. Reliable quality: the laser cladding process is fully automated, which provides stability and reliance to the product.

Comparison of different melting, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant technologies 



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