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Site contact of laser cladding and abrasion resistant technology for a power plant in Yulin, Shanxi

source:            time:2018-08-04 15:40:00    

      In order to inspect the application of laser cladding wear-resistant technology, Beijing Huadian Degao Co. held a CFB boiler wear-resistant technology on August 3 in Yulin, Shanxi Province.
      The laser cladding of water-wall tubes by Huadian De Gao is used in the worn parts of the power plant. After one and a half years of operation, the cladding layer is almost unchanged and the wear resistance is excellent. This shutdown overhaul will use laser cladding pipe of Beijing Huadian Degao Co. Ltd. to clad all the outer pipes with the worst wear of water-cooled shield.
      More than 20 experts and representatives of power plants inspected the use of water-cooled wall tubes for one and a half years, newly made laser cladding tubes, and fully exchanged the use of various wear-resistant technologies with the power plant. Everyone has a more intuitive feeling and full affirmation of Huadian De Gao's laser cladding technology used in boiler's serious wear parts.


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