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On-site Symposium on Application Effect of Wear Resistance of Boiler Water Wall in Jiangmen Shuangshui Power Plant

source:            time:2018-11-17 09:14:00    

       Beijing Huadian Degao Company successfully concluded the laser cladding wear-resistant technology exchange and on-site observation meeting held in Jiangmen Shuangshuang Hydropower Station, Guangdong Province from November 16 to 17, 2018. Industry experts, boilers and technical backbone of power plants and other participants entered the boilers to investigate the effect of laser cladding technology in different parts on the spot. In the past six years, the cladding layer of water-wall pipe has been in good condition and the effect is excellent. The anti-wear effect of laser cladding technology is verified again. To solve the local serious wear problem, Huadiande high laser cladding technology is preferred!

Fig. 1  Exchange of technical presentations between experts and heads of power plants 
Fig.2  Boiler Operation Control Room 

Fig. 3  enters the boiler for on-site observation

Fig.4  Field effect chart after nearly 6 years of use 

Fig. 5  Local enlargement effect in the field after nearly 6 years


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