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Special technical exchange of coal screening and ash waste heat utilization in circulating fluidized bed generator unit

source:            time:2017-12-21 11:29:00    

     On December 21, 2017, our company participated in the Symposium on Selection of Coal-fired Generators and Utilization of Waste Heat from Ash and Slag, which was held in Yuyuan Hotel, Shanxi Province, by the Science and Technology Development Service Center of China Electric Power Enterprise Federation and the Cooperative Network of CFB Generators Technical Exchange Service of China Electric Power Industry. . The experts and technicians at the meeting exchanged the high-energy laser cladding technology of Beijing Huadian De Hi-tech Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to solve the serious wear and tear parts of the four tubes of the boiler, and provides a perfect solution for thoroughly solving the wear and tear problem.  


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