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Symposium on comprehensive control and anti abrasion and explosion prevention technology for CFB boilers in 2018

source:            time:2018-04-19 11:31:00    

      On April 17, 2018, our company participated in the special symposium on comprehensive treatment and anti-abrasion and explosion technology of circulating fluidized bed boilers in 2018, which was held by the sponsors of "Science and Technology Development Service Center of China Electric Power Enterprise Federation" and "CFB Unit Technical Exchange Service Cooperation Network of National Electric Power Industry". Participating industry experts, power plant specialists and technical supervisors have exchanged views on our company's high-energy laser cladding technology, mainly used to solve the CFB boiler four tubes, buried tube furnace, pulverized coal furnace ash bucket and other local serious wear and tear problems, the actual effect of the application of power plant cases has been highly recognized by industry experts and users.


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